Thursday, April 15, 2010

Jurin Express Bento

Jurin Express Meal

Located next to Sushi King @ Gurney Plaza, New Wing.

Wah, I like this wall displaying all the chinese characters that come with "FISH".

This free flow of Honey Green Tea (hot/cold) is thicker than what we normally have elsewhere.

Tempura Kani
Sushi rolls with crabstick wrapped within. Deep fried with tempura flour.
I was dissatisfied with this dish, mainly due to the tempura coat is not crispy. At one moment I thought I was eating 'dim sum' - siew mai skin?!
Here's the cross section. You can see the crabstick in the middle of the sushi & seaweed is wrapped externally.

Maki/ Sushi Combo.
Beautiful layout of maki and sushi combo.

After having hands-on on how to make sushi (in the previous post), this again becomes an advantage for me to judge how a good sushi should be apart from taste and presentation. Both the maki and sushi are made not firm enough.  (more.....)

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