Sunday, May 16, 2010

砂朥越古晋干捞面 (Kuching Kan Pua)

砂朥越古晋干捞面 Sarawak Kuching Kan Pua @ 好友餐馆 (Kafe Setia Kawan) , Raja Uda

A bunch of my ex-colleagues (breakfast gang) know well that I love Sarawak local dishes, like Kolok Mee, Kan Pua and Sarawak Laksa.

They informed me through sms when they saw the advertisement of this newly opened restaurant at Raja Uda that serves the so-called "Kuching Kan Pua".

It's Sunday late morning ~11am. Since it is not a short journey to travel to Raja Uda, thus I guess we better make a call to confirm.
"Harlo, Hao You?! Today open or not?"
"Ya, we are open."
"Got Kuching Gan1 Lao1 Mian4 mah?"
"Oh, this one ah, wanna finish liao woh."
"Oh, like that ah, then perhaps we come some other days lah."
"You come now lah."
"We are coming from Queensbay here woh."
"You come now lah, I will not disappoint you!" The lady boss said.
"OK!" (After we confirmed on the location, off we went!)

This is the last second bowl served in that morning. The customers who came later than us were not lucky enough.

The differences I detected when it's first served.
1) It's served using bowl instead of plate.
2) Got wanton one(?!)
3) Looks more like 'white version' of wanton mee leh.

Small RM2.80. Big RM3.30.(more.....)

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