Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Nyonya Breeze (Invited Review)

Nyonya Breeze @ Abu Siti Lane (Invited Review)

Nyonya Breeze is located right opposite the Red Rock Commercial Centre @ Abu Siti Lane. A handful of us attended the invited review extended by Nyoya Breeze and arranged by Steven .

The interior deco is pretty simple yet comfortable.

[The rating below is purely based on taste, not considering price]

Nasi Ulam (RM7.00) [My rating : 7/10]
Steamed rice tossed with salted fish, dried prawns, belacan, 'kerisik' and assorted local herbs.
- I personally don't favour nasi ulam that much as it's too dry for me. Luckily the Asam Pedas (soup) came in rescue later on. :)

BUT ..... I appreciate every single effort done by the restaurant in preparation of those ingredients. As we all know, Nasi Ulam requires each ingredient to be cut to its FINEST size.

From front to back : Ginger , Nutmeg, Chrysanthemum
Cold : RM2.20, RM2.20, RM1.40
Hot : RM2.00, RM2.00, RM1.30
The ginger tea is very thick!

Sambal Goreng (S= RM14.40, L= RM19.20) [My rating : 10/10]
Prawns, eggplant and cashew nuts in a savoury, tangy sauce with chillies for garnishing.

By seeing the name of this dish - 'sambal goreng', one would definitely think it's a sambal dish. Nope, it's not. It's fragant with belacan essense and appetizing to go with rice. I have even thought at one time the possibility of making spaghetti with this 'carbonara'-look sauce (!).

Hey Ya Kay Char Bak (S= RM12.00, L= RM16.80) [My rating : 8/10]


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