Thursday, July 08, 2010

Ah Hor Koay Theow Thng

Ah Hor Koay Theow Thng @ Carnavon Street

Disclaimer : Seriously, this is the KTT that I really hate recommending as they syiok syiok TAK BUKA!  This is somehow related to the example set up by their past generation. I do not want to comment much on their business attitude, just the food will do. :)
Located at the end of Carnavon Street, look out on your right hand side before reaching the road junction. It's easy to detect whether this KTT stall is opened as the parking slots at the road side of this end and the other side lane (which after you make a U-turn) will be mostly occupied.
Stated there RM2.50 (Small), RM3.50 (Big). Additional ingredients to be charged separately.
RM3.50 will be served with lots of ingredients. Do bear in mind to order 'small' if you are not meant  to see this 'big' serving as they tend to automatically serve you with 'BIG' one. Shh~~~!!
Soup base is clear  BUT  it is not consistent (like the day I took this picture, it's not) . Nevertheless it's cheng tee (清甜)until you can easily finish up the whole bowl. (more....)

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