Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Seng Thor Kopitiam Wanton Mee

Seng Thor Kopitiam (成都茶室) Wanton Mee @ Lebuh Kimberley

I stumbled upon this Wan Than Mee stall one afternoon while I was hungrily driving around the town running some errands. Since then, I started to miss IT days and nights. :)
It is located at the Seng Thor Kopitiam. Open for afternoon session only (after 11 am to 5pm). The stall owner claimed that his closing days will follow the fried oyster stall.
Small RM2.50, Medium RM3.00, Big RM3.40.
The photos below showing medium size serving + add wanton (total RM3.40 per plate).
I personally felt that the fine noodles (eu mee) here are not as good as the flat noodles (chor mee) below.
From the first visit, I saw a lot of people ordering chor mee (flat noodles) and I did. Ever since then, I have never gone for second option. (more.......)

Hop to Seng Thor Kopitiam Wanton Mee for full view of this post.