Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hai Onn Hainanese Dishes need Patience

Hai Onn Restaurant (海安饭店)@ Burmah Road

"Why not we go to Hai Onn for zhu char since it's already 11 something?!" I proposed after getting some errands done in the morning.

This is a place that brought me lots of childhood memories.

It's 11.45am.

"What time do you start to serve zhu char?"
"Oh, our kitchen starts to work at about 12 something."
"Alright......" (At that moment, I thought I was queued as the 2nd table...)

Guess what? I have finished reading newspaper and eating the lor bak and still I need to wait for them to serve two other tables who were apparently earlier than me.
One table is an elderly couple whereas another one is a vacant table but 'reserved'.You can see them serving the dishes to that vacant table but covering all up with plates since no one has arrived yet. *Grrrrr...........*

Finally our dishes were served at around 12.55p.m. I pity another uncle who didn't aware of such long waiting time. He came alone and didn't expect that he needed to wait for >45 mins for one person's meal. I heard the taukeh soh explained to him about the 'waiting tradition'.

Nevertheless, those dishes served below immediately swept away my 'anger'.

I love the Hainanese curry fish with pungent lemongrass taste. (more......)

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