Sunday, November 07, 2010

Pappa Rich Curry Laksa so lemak one ah?

Last week I went to Pappa Rich for two days consecutively. My rating for the food is : 80% beh khi.

Now only I realized I should have appreciated more on Apex @ Queensbay area. :)

Pappa Energy Detox Tea with Honey (RM5.90+) , Teh C Hot (RM2.80+)

It's basically like ceylon tea + honey. I do not know what is the DETOX about? For me, it tasted pretty weird and bitter at the first sip. I wonder where did the honey taste go?
The Teh C was milder than Old Town one.

Pappa Curry Laksa Special with Foo Chok (RM9.90+), Pappa Curry Laksa (RM8.90+)

TOOOOOOOOOOOO lemak liao! Really like eating / drinking curry. This was stated at the first page of the menu therefore I thought it must be something like their signature dish uh?! Oh no......I swear I'll never order this again, even if it's given FOC.


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