Sunday, February 27, 2011

Carpenter Street's Sarawak Laksa & Kolok Mee

Carpenter Street, the so-called 1-stop authentic Sarawak food has finally set up at Bayan Baru, beside AmBank, same row as KFC, very near to Old Town Kopitiam.

I was very excited to know the news , quickly go and try the next day.
Here's my findings based on the first week of opening. Mind you, it could be biased to you all since I scrutinized it.  It could've been improved by now. Please visit and comment the latest findings. Would you please?!

Sarawak Laksa (RM7.90)
My saliva kept oozing up when this bowl of laksa was served in front of me. Ooh.....everything looked almost similar !

I couldn't smell the fragrance of the laksa rempah at all when the dish was first served to me until I finished eating it.  The laksa rempah used should be the culprit! I also believed the limau chilli paste was a bit out from original. In general, lacking of belacan taste! It would be better if it's less oily.

The Sarawak laksa is using noodles which are actually like our bee hoon.

Hop over to Carpenter Street's Sarawak Laksa & Kolok Mee for full view of this post.