Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hutton Lane Evergreen Cafe's Koay Theow Thng

Koay Theow Thng @ Evergreen Cafe, Hutton Lane

There are a lot of Koay Theow Thng stalls stretching from Carnavon Street to Transfer Road. This is the one with duck blood served which I go for when the Ah Hor one is not open or too many customers(!).  This is one of those few kopitiams that is clean and comfortable to enjoy a bowl of koay theow thng, somemore it's served fast.

The below one is priced at RM4.00, large bowl with additional duck meat.

Ingredients are : chicken meat, duck meat, fish balls, meat balls and innards.

Hop over to Hutton Lane Evergreen Cafe's Koay Theow Thng for full view of this post.