Sunday, June 12, 2011

De Title Dining Cabin (Invited Review)

Apart from the Lorong Selamat's Char Koay Teow, did you notice there is one PURPLE building there?

Yes, this is another new one (not too new though, already half year old since Dec last year), a restaurant run by two young ladies who have traveled around the world in search of recipes.

Their passion can be seen from every décor in the premise wihich is self-decorated. If you are observant enough, then you will notice that every exterior window frame is made of different design too!

Downstair dining area.

The wall alongside the staircase.

They have many menus. One for 1st & 3rd wk, one for 2nd & 4th wk; and further divided into Lunch and Dinner. It's kind of confusing for me! I shall slip in part of the menu in between photos as reference (only).

This restaurant is one of the few restaurants that never use MSG. Most of their sauces are homemade too!

Well, you don't get shocked when you see the LONGGGGGGGGG list of sauce choices in their menu (scroll till the btm).

Homemade Mushroom Soup - A version with many types of mushrooms blended into one. [My rating : 8/10]

PizzaiolaVeggie Pizzailo RM9.90
Chicken Ham Pizzailo RM13.90
Beef Pepperoni Pizzailo RM14.90

Chicken Ham Pizzailo with Roti Canai Base (RM13.90) - Chicken Ham + Pineapple + Sweet Corn [My rating : Nil, no chance to taste :)]


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