Saturday, June 04, 2011

Spaghetti Marinara (El Casa vs No Eyed Deer)

El Casa Restaurant

During the El Casa invited review session I didn't manage to taste its spaghetti marinara, therefore this round I decided to taste those that are not included in the past.

Linguine Seafood Marinara RM18.90+

Cheng-cheng-tei! Their version of this pasta was light in sauce with 'sea'- taste, not the usual sauces like those we could get off- rack from supermarket. The ingredients were not many, it came with fish slices, squids and prawns.

They served you halfway de-shelled prawns.

Fish & Chip de El Casa RM16.90+

Again, I found this dish to be light-weight, meaning everything seemed to be 'non-oily'.


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