Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Plus 2 Restaurant (加二餐厅)云吞面档 Good meh?!

This is a restaurant that gains wide popularity among USM students and some FIZ workers due to its location and price.

Their price for wanton noodles has been revised since 1st May.

Wanton Noodles : RM3.00, RM3.50, RM3.80
Wanton soup : RM4.00, RM6.00, RM8.00
Shui kao soup RM 1.20 (1 pc), RM6, RM12, RM18

This is RM3.50 serving. This is the look of their wanton noodles. Attractive? Not for me.

I would have got better ones elsewhere with price still below RM3.00


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