Friday, September 15, 2006


Today we 6x had our lunch at Jin Bao hakka mee with self made yong tao fu, Pantai Jerjak. Luckily we were out early if not surely we gonna stuck at coastal highway there (coz of policemen block the road loh). What happened ah actually? Hmm ttung got any thefts in this industrial zone again?

Lots of people leh. Got to queue up to order, got to wait to rebut meja, got to wait long also for the food to be served. But....worth lah. :)

hakka mee 2

You know why I wanna show the pic below? Ha! This is to tell you that how my gang has 'immuned' to my act of taking food photos. They somemore pose for me or arrange the food for me before starting to eat. I know I know....I also pai sey lah and try to shoot ASAP as it's cruel lah not to let people eat right?! :)

hakka mee

Ok, in order to give way to the new cubicles, the pcs have been shifted in late afternoon. Being the users, the only advantage I can see is our monitor screens are no longer exposed to the open corridor. This also means that we can keep those bug bears who like to come from your back looking at what you are typing (either intentionally or 'not' intentionally) away.