Sunday, September 24, 2006

Makan Lagi IV

Vegetarian food fair at Han Zhiang. There were a lot of stalls with a lot of people loh. If it's not because of the rain, I guess it would have been even more lao juak loh. It's a very successful food fair /raise fund event.

Vegetarian fair

Vegetarian fair We are more willing to travel to downtown (more often) ever since the Jelutong Expressway (extended portion) started to launch. Phew! 10 min nia nia from Bayan Baru roundabout to town leh. Song ah! Save petrol somemore with constant speed. *hehe* :)

Almond paste, New Lane - I like it but not everyone can tahan the taste though. :)
Almond paste
家常便饭 (Jia Chang Bian Fan /Homecook dishes) - I rarely post them up one lah coz everyone's house also got mah.

醉鸡 (druken chicken),洋葱炒蛋,咸蛋,马来风光,老黄瓜汤 with rice and porridge. Aiya, how many outside food we eat also won't beat our homecook dishes one lah right?! :) Drunken chicken- this was the last bowl left for this week. The drunken chicken was prepared in big claypot and kept in fridge for a-n-y-t-i-m-e use (like what many taiwanese did).
Jia chang bian fan

新金山 茶餐室/ 香港点心茶楼 (Sin Kim Sua / Hong Kong Dim Sum), Macalister Rd. is one of my favourite eating out spots.

Clockwise :泸鸭猪脚饭 Lor duck pork leg rice, 炒蕹菜 Char eng chai, 蚝煎 Fried oyster, Char kan na chai, Char la la)

泸鸭汁汤 (lor duck soup) - This dish has always been sooooooo super-yummy. The soup is koey chap soup. The rest of the dishes were ordered through the seafood zhu char stall (first time).

Sin Kim Sua