Thursday, September 14, 2006

little castle

"Burmah road that one ah?"
"Oops, sorry....not cottage, I mean little.....castle ...lah, sorry..."
Aiyah, so many restaurant names start with l-i-t-t-l-e one...little italy lah, little cottage lah, and now little castle loh.

We 8x went to the Little Castle Cafe, Batu Maung for lunch today. 5x chose the set lunch (soup, chicken chop/fish fillet, dessert, drink RM9.90/=).

Clockwise : peach /lemon /coke drinks, mushroom soup, chicken fillet, ice cream, chao fan, seafood spaghetti, chicken chop.

little castle cafe 01

little castle cafe 02 (Little Castle Cafe - 53-01,Lintang Batu Maung, near OCBC Batu Maung)


Zhui jambu! These were freshly plucked by me today. Now is getting to the end of the season already. For the past one and half weeks, my family has been plucking them very diligently to give away to friends and than tsiang etc. I have brought some for my colleagues to taste too lah of coz. In fact a few times already lah. These jambus were really juicy and sweet one leh when they got really matured & par zhui loh!