Friday, September 01, 2006

"太太" 偷得半日闲

风味情 Feng Wei Qing (Taiwan Fast Food), Midlands.
feng wei qing 02 You will never be disappointed with yy's company - coz she knows where to bring you to for food and also - magazines provided. Ha!!

Udon set, barbecue chicken set & almond thick toast. - all recommended.
feng wei qing 01

The almond thick toast - don't know why leh right at this moment har I still seem to 'smell' that 'pang pang' good toast smell on my hands. Ha!

This restaurant has ended up being the 'cheapest' now among all the three taiwanese restaurants that we started to visit since many years ago. Kochabi's serving has become so much smaller. Taipei Food Avenue's one has become a lot more expensive also.

Tea time - Kim Gary, GP.
kim gary 02

See? magazine again.:)
kim gary 01 I swear I will never eat roti for the next one week liao. I have had enough of it today.

p/s:"太太" 偷得半日闲 - titled as such per yy's request. :)