Tuesday, March 13, 2007

HK Wong Kok Queensbay

HK Wong Kok @ Queensbay

Today driver said," I wanna eat something special."

I said,"Lei wa sii, ngor fung pui."

"OK, queensbay!"

This one is more spacious than the town Prangin and also Pulau Tikus one.


Sancha apple & Chestnut Herbal (山渣苹果水, 沙参玉竹马蹄露水)RM3.90 each, HK roasted pork claypot noodles (港式烧肉砂煲面)RM8.50, HK roasted pork chicken claypot noodles (香脆烧鸡砂煲面) RM8.50++, 蚝江风情 (Macau sytle stir fried spaghetti with portuguese sauce) RM9.90++

Very oily loh...........the macau style spaghetti.
The rest they said GOOD!