Tuesday, March 06, 2007


This lunch was not planned at all. As we were at the outside lane and the driver wanted to tar chim to turn into snake temple but then saw the cars in front also went straight after blinking signal light. "Hmm tung yao keng chat?!" We kia si, so went further up. Near Shell there also long queue, the driver did not like to wait, so went up somemore.

I asked her," Hoi, you keep on going up up up so far, want to go Sg Ara makan is it?"
"Aiyoh..how ah? here got anything to eat or not?"
"Airport loh. Nandos".

Yah, that's how we ended up here. Nandos Airport.

Nowadays weather so f* hot, having Nandos at airport cold cold also syiok lah!

"Ei....here one chicken bigger piece hor?"
"Yah loh I was about to tell you so, but then don't know whether it's because of we were too hungry or too cold at Queensbay the other day boh wor?!"
"Hmm.....no lah, don't think so leh. That day we so many persons makan together also finished off very quickly and said how come the chicken so small piece mah, remember?!"
"Oh is it?! Next time we come to airport and eat lah".

Are we the only two felt so?!