Saturday, March 03, 2007

Tho Yuen

Sorry lah, sometimes you may see me kept posting some same food from the same venue. What to do leh, boh huat tor. They like to go eating there mah and order the same food pulak! :)

Tho Yuen @ Campbell Street

Seriously, I don't like the pak zham kai here. If wanna taste the good pak zham kai, I OF COURSE recommend the kai zhuk (chicken/fish porridge) with pak zham kai, 90 degrees away (just 2 min away) from Tho Yuen, at Lebuh Cintra (night only).

Of coz lah no doubt I like their mang min and char hor fun loh. :)

FYI, I already got the Sarawak Laksa Paste already! Wahahahahah!!!!!! One of these days I must try and cook to see if it will work out the same as the 'genuine' sarawak laksa that I tried the other day at AB! I cannot tahan leh, just one second thought of the sarawak laksa nia nia also can make me lao nuar liao!