Saturday, March 31, 2007

Quan zhou

Quan Zhou Cafe & Restaurant @ 161, Jalan Sg Pinang. to 8.p.m. (close Mon)

For those who would like to have 'hokkien cuisine' in the early morning instead of waiting till lunch hr, you can go to this kopitiam to 'chee gian'.

Top to bottom: Oyster noodle, char tang hoon, fried oyster, bak kee.

Frankly speaking, its fried noodle/tang hoon all came with rather big serving size and tasted good too. But its fried oyster looked very weird, unlike our normal fried oyster, it's more like fried egg.*shrugged* So not recommended lah. Its bak kee also unlike the usual ang hui lor or hock chuan heang one, not recommended as well.

In the same kopitiam also got a stall selling fish head bee hoon.