Thursday, May 24, 2007

Golden Triangle Indochine Restaurant

These few days got too many 烦人鸡婆 things to 'worry', so a person like me when going out dining 竟然忘记戴相机出门!

Yesterday at E-Gate Beguadro already missed it. *Haiyoh, how often could I have come to Beguadro leh? zhan hai yah! *

Today I went to Prai- Nagasari there to visit a machinary 'factory'. So....yup! You are right! Got free lunch lah. BUT....I forgot to bring my camera lah! I will not be so kao bin puey to take the food pics lah in front of vendors but if let's say I got the camera, I WILL at least able to take the the interior pic to show you ppl mah.

Golden Triangle (Indochine - Restaurant & Sensation) @ Autocity

It serves Thai, Vietnamese and Laotian food. I don't know what Laotian means. Anyone kindly enlighten me?!

I see that most ppl coming here for the Thai food. To me, it's like Siriwan at Kystal Point loh.

Dishes ordered were lemon steamed fish (high recommended by the vendor), sotong in coconut, spring rolls, kailan, tom yam soup, crab tang hoon, pandan chicken and sago mango dessert.

The dishes were good, definitely good.

How much does it cost for this lunch? Sorry I don't know. But the pricing is more or less like Siriwan that standard loh. *wink wink*