Sunday, May 13, 2007

Hock Lye Seafood Village

Hock Lye Seafood Village (五条路邮政局后面, 靠海边) Goh tiao lor punya post office - at the back. 130A, Jalan C.Y.Choy, Bridge Street Foreshore, 10300 Penang (04-2627524).

I think many ppl still don't know this place yet lah...just opened 5 mths nia mah. OK, it's at the back of Hock Chuan Hiang lah, use the same road go further in. If you are observant enough, you can see the jiao pai actually at your left hand side when you drive near the jelutong coastal highway flyover (immed after traffic light) from jetty->bayan baru direction, there indicated got a restaurant under the flyover there.

They served SEAFOOD lah mainly. We ordered cincai, I very bz jaga kids,only got this dish of seafood to show you. It's called tua tao thun.

The place is very spacious, can accomodate ~35 tables. Due to mother's day, it is fully booked. And....I saw song river's morning bak kut teh 's tao chiu need to 'draw kong chao draw out wall', know lah. *wink*