Sunday, May 20, 2007

Tao @ Autocity, Juru (part I)


We 6x chose to celebrate YY's birthday here. At Tao, the birthday gal is entitled to get 50% discount on her birthday month, but limited to only 1x.

Remember we vowed before to come here when we are more READY?! *wink * So we made it finally. :)

Frankly I have taken too many pics and I got difficulty in merging which with which to let you see the best combination. Sorry I couldn't afford to post up every single one with original size coz that will be a whole lot of them man!

这个遗憾,我就让你们自个儿亲自去照访填补吧! 哈!

Here you go!

Near the entrance

The business hours. We chose the first session which is 5.30 -8.00pm. From my past experience at Tao E-Gate, I know well that we have no need to be kiasu, coz after 1 hr most probably everyone is 3/4 full. Therefore I organized to reach there by 6p.m.

The front staircase leading to TAO

The back staircase

The stone walkway leading to restaurant

The interior of restaurant

The lounge & unplugged portion

The interior part. Group seat will be along the glass window. Each table is partitioned by bamboo sticks and luminated by 3x cone lamps.

The toilet bamboo tap is very special.

A lot of Bali style sculptures there.

That's the TAO's night look from front

The view when you look down from Tao @ first floor.

Part II will be the TAO dishes.