Sunday, May 20, 2007

Tao @ Autocity, Juru (part II)

Here you go the dishes.

We got a very good waitress named Lim Pei Shi who served us very well. Without her, our dining experience would not be that satisfying and happy.

Some of our table favourite dishes are these. Salmon roll with papaya (highly recommended), grilled salmon, scallop, sashimi and vinegar octopus.

The members liked the seafood / pumpkin soup.

I like the steamed radish.

Dishes that I personally felt that were not as good as E-Gate there (which I have tasted before) are: chawan mushi, steamed tofu, miso soup & california roll. The sashimi slices were obviously smaller too. :( I don't know lah, perhaps all these were due to weekend dining crowd?! )

Part I is about the deco.