Sunday, October 07, 2007

Taiwan Food Part IV

Day 6

We took the high speed train back to Taipei.

Lunch @ 顶厨国宴

They served "president"-level dishes.......You ppl can rasa that standard boh har?! I cannot wor :)

FYI.....the very 贴心 tour leader asked the kitchen to prepare porridge ahead for some of the sick ones, i was so kam tong leh.....:) Miss Luan, lu oo kam tong boh?!

Dinner @ 铁木真
Frankly speaking, I did not like this restaurant. According to our tour guide, it was so and so famous but then when I looked at the ingredients they served, the food quality AND heard the way of their waitresses tuang the sampah the soup in front of you while you were eating (and etc etc) was merely SUCKS!

I started to regain appetite at night. My supper at Taoyuan 住都酒店!
Day 7
This is the hotel ta pao punya breakfast.

China Airlines, again.....