Saturday, October 06, 2007

Taiwan Food Part I

My 2nd visit to Taiwan goes like this....Generally, the food ah, half was good, half was bad. Normally the bad one was lunch.

Day 1

China Airlines.

We were brought to Ximenting (西门町) for 阿宗面线 + shopping. No tables no chairs. You must line up and order your own mee sua and stand there to eat.

My beloved soya milk from their 便利商店(my taiwan 超爱).

Day 2

Breakfast @ 豪景大酒店 (Hotel Riverview Taipei). Our tour leader said the first night hotel served the best breakfast out of all hotels woh. You judge by your own lah har.

At 九份 (jiu fen), we ordered these to share. Good :)

At Ye Liu (野柳) we had this very bad first 'official' meal in front of Yeliu stone park.

This one was good! from 九份 (jiu fen).

Dinner was served at Taichung (台中). This was good.

After shopping at Feng Jia night market (逢甲夜市), we went out to the night market near our DeBao Business Hotel (帝宝大饭店) (after chk-in) for supper + ronda.