Saturday, October 06, 2007

Taiwan Food Part II

Day 3

Breakfast at DeBao Business Hotel (帝宝大饭店). These small balls (pumpkin?!) were good. :)

My beloved soya milk again! :)

Lunch @ Sun Moon Lake (日月潭) there. It served more 山地口味菜. See? got paku-pakis also leh like our Sarawak one.

At Jiji train station (集集火车站).

Jianfusun World Theme Park (剑湖山世界主题乐园). After getting ourselves "roller-coastered" till siao & lembik, we had dinner at the chinese restaurant inside the hotel. *Oops, forgot to take note of the name tim!*

This dinner was good! I sapu the soup at least 5x bowls coz i was dehydrated tremendously! 笋炖鸡汤 (Many of our tour members did not like it, some even said," it smells like 'pua jio bee'" OMG! Ha!)


Day 4

Breakfast @ Jianfusun was good as it served more international varieties. Too bad I forgot to snap! For me I think it's the best breakfast throughout the whole trip.

Lunch @ Fo Guang Shan (佛光山). A rather bad one. The tour guide said this was the only restaurant (vegetarian) but it would serve a few 荤菜 for us too. Hey come on, we have never eaten before 素食ah in Penang? Come on! Don't bluff us by saying vege dishes are normally "not- that- good" ok?!

Dinner @ Kaoshiung (高雄). This was the so-called "龙虾鲍鱼餐" (lobster abalone meal) lah! Everyone got one small thin piece nia, mind you! :) The 东玻肉was very good! A rather satisfying meal in general!

After shopping at XinJue Jiang Night Market (新崛江夜市), we walked a very long distance and yun wong lou (冤枉路) (all thanks to the motorist apek) to reach this 六合路 to ronda makan night market.