Sunday, October 07, 2007

Taiwan Food Part III

Day 5

Breakfast @ 华王hotel.

I have heard about the Jap 纳豆 since ages ago. Now I finally got the chance to taste it hah! OK, now I sei sum liao coz I finally understand why many ppl cannot tahan its taste liao.

Lunch @ 安平貴記 Tainan An Ping Street (台南安平老街) - where the nightmare of mine began.......:)


棺材板 - I like this although it's my least-favoured fried kinda food.



蚵仔煎 - this should be the 1st culprit of my lao sai and vomit later (got another 3 to 4x members also kena). Their oysters were highly likely to be under-cooked.

Travelled by wu fen che (五分车) to Yin Chang Farm (营长牧场). At the station we drank 黑糖姜茶 (2nd culprit). At Yin Chang here I drank fresh milk (3rd culprit). I guess I turned out to be rather worse compared to the rest due to this.

Dinner @ Taipei 伍脚船板. The one that I have come across in magazine for many times.

The moment when I started to lao sai was here...... I pong chan its restrooms multiple times and started to be very lembik since then. Sorry har! I know this is a food blog. Their restroom design was very special lah, so pls bear with me. :)

Here's their dishes. :)
All the dishes turned out to be tasteless to me. :( I hardly appetized.
One comment must put one : Their waitresses were all very 'black-face' one loh! No smile, tone like robot one!