Sunday, August 31, 2008

Island Red Cafe

Island Red Cafe @ Krystal Point (located just next to the Krystal Suite's lobby).

Tell you story ah.....

I reached there ~9p.m. and I was seated right after I asked for a table for six. A few minutes later I was told that it's their last order run therefore I must place my order soon. I asked him, "What time u close uh?" "10p.m." OK, I ordered a drink since the others were late. Later on about 9.15p.m the workers started to place all the chairs on top of the vacant tables. *signalling us to leave?!*

At ~9.30p.m., when one of my friends have finally reached, I went kai sou and raised my concern to the lady 'boss'(?!) there, "How come you ppl at 9.15pm. already started to put your chairs on top of the tables ah? not closing at 10p.m. meh?" "Oh, we actually closed at 9p.m. Outside paper there stated so also." "Wah...then how come just now that guy didn't tell me ah when I first came in? He told me it's 10p.m. woh when I placed order." "Sorry...we were actually temporarily operating until 9p.m. as of now....blah blah blah....."

Ai...very ooo long and disappointed loh. :(

Looking at the menu, it resembles twin of OLD TOWN. Got nasi lemak, koay teow soup, special prawn mee, nissin noodle with sausage /seafood & egg, kaya & butter toast, pandan toast, half boiled eggs, snacks and coffee/tea/honey lemon etc.

Hopefully the next time when I am there I won't be kena halau again. :)