Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Azuma Japanese Restaurant - This April Promotion

Azuma Japanese Restaurant @ Queensbay (beside Harvey Norman)

I came back again for its set of the month after my hunt back in March .

The flyer stated there 10% discount for VIP members.
"How to apply for this VIP card leh?"
" got to spend at least RM200 in a single receipt then you are entitled for application."
"Accumulate receipts can ah?" I simply taruh nia, desperate mah. :)
"Cannot leh.....If can, then everybody can collect a lot then apply loh."
"Well, two persons how to eat until RM200 leh?"
"Can leh, we see a lot of customers coming in two persons but eat a lot also one leh, RM250, RM300 got leh."
I dare not say anything more since she made such a remark. I don't know her "a lot " is how many lah ?! :)
I got no money jae, but a lot of ppl ho giak one mah! Right?! :p

Assorted Sashimi (RM35) - Salmon 2x, Tuna 2x, Butterfish 2x, Octopus 2x. I normally hate octopus if you were to ask me to pick the worst out of this combination coz somtimes it could be 'kar beh tui' one. However, I must admit that Azuma one was really good, no kar bah tui at all and yet springy.

This is the Apr Set of the month (RM18)

Chirashi Don To Sabo yuzu Kousho Set - Vinegar rice topped with raw salmon and baby octopus, accompanied by mackerel cooked in special soya paste sauce and miso soup.

I would say that this set is fair. I would definitely rate the previous month's set as BETTER if compared to this month's set. :)

The mackerel brought another surprise to me. Tasty and easy to eat (unlike those sanma fish, you got what I mean?!) . :)


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