Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Haven Delights (Part II)

continue from Part I on Haven Delights @ Penang Times Square (Invited Review)

Korean Beef Kimchi 韓式泡菜牛片 (RM16) - Fried homemade kimchi with beef slices. [ My rating : 9/10]

I personally think that this one was great. The beef was cooked till tender (very important factor for me) and the kimchi was not just plain sour+spicy taste. The kimchi was mainly in soft leafy version with beef flavour(!) as well. I have had much more slices than I supposed to have :) (Allergic phobia mah, remember?!).

Homemade Spicy Chicken 家香辣味雞 (RM15) - Fried chicken with homemade spicy sauce. [ My rating : 5/10]

This deboned chicken was fragance-rich but rather spicy. The most spicy dish of the night was still 'acceptable' for me, hehe! How lucky I was heh?!

Shanghai Honey Spare Ribs 蜜香排骨 (RM18) - Fried spare ribs with honey sauce. [ My rating : 5/10]

It turned out to be the saltiest dish of the night. The spare ribs' texture was pretty well done but one doubt I had in mind - why didn't I taste the honey and why was it so salty?


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