Monday, April 27, 2009

Kampachi @ Equatorial Hotel - boh tatt ?!

On Thursday, we had our farewell dinner for Mr. K at Kampachi Japanese Restaurant @ Equatorial Hotel. We chose this one mainly because of one reason -it's near to our working place.

The parking fee at EQ is RM5. %#~$^@! (but it can be deducted from the bill when paying, this sounds more OK :)).
We 10x mostly ordered its dinner set menu. All the sets with (*) below are served with Salad, Chawan Mushi, Appetizer, Pickles, Bean Paste Soup and Fruits.

The salad came in small bowl.

The Chawan Mushi came in small cup. Taste wise, just fair.

I was still OK at this moment until I saw they served the first set, Sukiyaki Zen. Alamak, how come so little one the serving portion?!
Sukiyaki Zen (Sliced beef and vegetables in Sukiyaki sauce). RM40++

Unagi Seiro Zen * ( Grilled Eel served on Steamed Rice) RM48++

Hop to Kampachi @ Equatorial Hotel - boh tatt ?! for full view of this post.