Friday, April 10, 2009

Chayu Kafei Restaurant 茶與咖啡食館 (Part 2)

Chayu Kafei Restaurant (茶與咖啡食館) @ Jalan Trang (behind GAMA).

We booked this place for lou tao. We came here for its signature fish steamboat (上湯魚鍋). Hitting two birds with one stone, ha! :p

生日面 (RM30) (Got to book one day ahead as this is not in their menu). I like this dish as it's really satisfying! Cheng cheng tei and tasty. Lots of ingredients in big serving size. :)

竽頭燜雞 (RM18.00) - This may not be suitable for taste buds who prefer strong flavour as it's not that salty, you know......'healthy' taste. :)

上湯魚鍋 (RM60) - This is also very worthy. She said this size is to serve 3-4 persons, but I believe with extra orders (e.g. noodles and some other dishes), this could serve easily 5-7 persons leh.

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