Saturday, September 26, 2009

Tutti Frutti Drunken Chicken is still very trademark-ed!

Tutti Frutti Restaurant @ Tesco Extra Sungai Dua.

I would like to compare Tutti Frutti Drunken Chicken vs Max Gourmet BBQ Honey Sauce Chicken Chop here since I was having chicken and chicken for the consecutive two days.

I like Tutti Frutti since the day when it was first opened at Bukit Jambul. Of course, the outlet has then been moved to Sungai Dua a few years ago and has diversified their menu too. What impressed me most is the quality of its old aged dish, Drunken Chicken still remains as good as last time. Another dish that I like is its Ice-Ice Noodles.

Drunken Chicken Rice @ RM7.90 nett
The chicken is delicious with its special homemade 'black' sauce which I think is considered as pretty 'trademark' one. (I think it's far more special than the Max Gourmet's BBQ Honey Sauce which tasted plain sweet only (scroll below)).

I have always wanted to ask for more rice whenever I ate this plate of drunken chicken (but never did lah! paiseh lah as where got people asking for 'more rice' one when eating such kind of meal hor?! ) :)

Black Pepper Chicken @ RM12.80 nett
Do take note that this black pepper version served @ Tutti Frutti is more spicy than ordinary ones. For me, I cannot tahan loh.

What a waste if come here and never order their frutti shake right?! Back to their old days at BJ, the price of Tutti Frutti's drinks has always been considered at high side already compared to their dishes (imagine the old days when Secret Recipe, Segafredo and etc are not yet that popular yet).

Fruitti Freezi @ RM6.50 nett.(more.....)

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