Sunday, September 06, 2009

清歡茶坊 (Qing Huan Chinese Tea House)

清歡茶坊 (Qing Huan Chinese Tea House) @ Kuching Lane, Pulau Tikus.

This is the place I used to visit frequently before I started food blogging. I am glad that it still survived after so many years ! Wow!

Another "Wow!" is when I look at the price, does not impose much changes compared to last time (as far as I can recall lah). :)

塵囂中品一壺清壺 . A place to enjoy chinese tea in a cozy & relaxing atmposphere.

白咖啡 White Coffee (RM3.80) & 百香果泡沫紅茶Markisa Tea Shake (RM3.60). I love its Markisa!

紫魚米粉湯 Vegetable Fish Mee Hoon Soup (RM4.50) .
No wonder it's this kind of combination. The vege fish itself is flavourful enough to be eaten alone with mee hoon.

紅茶雞湯麵線 Black Tea Chicken Mee Sua Soup (RM4.90) .
This one is almost similiar to those herbal type of soup base but less heaty and milder.


Hop to 清歡茶坊 (Qing Huan Chinese Tea House) for full view of this post.