Thursday, September 24, 2009

Kirishima Bento - Am I admiring the food or the tableware?!

Kirishima Japanese Restaurant (霧島)@ Cititel Hotel

I need to blog this out as I want to see if there's anyone else like me out there?!

Firstly, I felt like playing masak-masak dining at Kirishima. I think the bento below is suitable for ladies loh. 賞心悅目!

Secondly, I did not know whether I was enjoying eating the food or was I enjoying eating with the tablewares served instead?!

Story starts like this.......

We were seated at the most behind table. We waited for a long while before we managed to get one waitress to take our orders.

After that when we settled with our orders finally, then only I realized how dumb I was.

"Nah, press this button for assistance lah!!!!!! Your eyes 'takk' stamps hor?! " I cartoon-ed at myself.

Table setting ready with this heavy-weight tiny bowl of long beans with slight spicy curry flavour. Japanese ala-local?! :)

King Prawn Rolls (RM24++)
- Deep fried king prawn with salmon and avocado layered topping .

I was a bit doubtful when this dish was served as I couldn't identify is this the King Prawn Rolls that we ordered ?! Why? As I only could recognize this dish by its signature prawn head!
Where the heck is my PRAWN HEAD???????? I saw their blogs and the the menu itself have prawn head one woh. :)
The King Prawn Rolls tasted really as glamourous as its dish name (minus the absence of prawn head :) ). It's stuffed with salmon+avocado+fried prawn all rolled into one. I truly enjoyed these rolls!

Kirishima Bento (RM38++)
- Special box with sushi, deepfried chicken, tempura, small soba, vinegared dish and appetizer served with egg custard, pickles, salad, small braised dish, tea pot soup, pudding and fruits.
This is the one that I wanted to blog! I really felt like chit thoe ma ma sak leh! It's considered 'fun' eating with all those tiny little dishes! When I ate one by one, I took each of the plate/bowl up and studied properly how the material and shape of them are.

Every dish in this bento set comes in small serving and very attractive combination of tablewares.

Tempura sauce and soya sauce (rectangular shape) - see above.
Fried garlic rice (round shape, comes with a cover, external is golden colour (see above, bottom left corner).
Eel sushi (octagon shape, white colour).

Salad (triangle shape, thick and cloudy glassware, I like this one!)
Sashimi (round-edged square shape) - salmon is rolled up like blossom flower and wasabi is decorated at the side like a petal!

Underneath the triangle one is the soba (cylinder shape, mimic bamboo).