Sunday, September 13, 2009

Restoran Hand Noodles 千日拉麵- OMG!

Restoran Hand Noodles 千日拉麵 @ Krico, Bukit Minyak.

This is another OO LONG story of mine.

My eyes opened wide when I saw this, " Value set leh should be cheap lah."

By adding RM4 will entitle you for the set, which comes with drink/jelly and two side dishes.
I didn't actually pay attention to the price when I decided not to have either chicken or pork.
The waiter flipped over to the next page and said, "You can choose from here too!"
"Oh ya kah?! OK. I choose this lah (pointing to the seafood)." Little did I know that the seafood price is a lot higher than the previous page lah. :(

San Zha Tea (included in the set one). Sour lah! Zha zai I choose jelly lah!

The two side dishes that I chose.

The noodles variety.

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