Thursday, September 09, 2010

RM30 nett Weekend Thai Buffet of Copthorne Orchid Hotel (Invited Review)

Thanks to the invitation by FoodPromotions , I had a hearty get-together-cum-food-review session with the rest of floggers on last Saturday night.

RM30 nett (Adult) is all you need to enjoy the 'Genuinely Thai' buffet at Terrace Bay Restaurant, Copthorne Orchid Hotel, Penang for this August/September.

Presented to you by Thai Chef, Chamnan Ngamlamai from Bangkok.

Terrace Bay Restaurant is having a perfect setting overlooking the swimming pool.

..but I guess most of the time you will be sitting in the restaurant unless you come out to the hawker stalls . :)

The Buffet Menu we had on last Saturday Dinner was listed below (subjected to change).


Papaya Mango Salad (Som Tam), Yam Woon Sees (Thai Glass Noodle Salad), Thai Egg Salad (Yam Khai), Spicy Seafood Salad (Yam Thalay), Mizi Fresh Fruit with Sour Sauce (Yam Pholamai)

Salad dressings : Thousand Island, Italian, Creamy French, Sambal.

The dishes listed above were not as spicy and sour as I thought. In general the Thai typical 'hot+ spicy+sour' taste was milder.

For example, I wish the sourness for this Yam Woon Sees could be more!

All varieties of appetizers/salads in one plate.(more......)