Saturday, September 04, 2010

Teluk Kumbar Seafood Restaurant (公巴好友海鮮)

On Merdeka-eve, I brought Rachel to Hao You for a simple dinner at around 6.30pm before sending her off to airport. Mind you, we had our lunch at ~3.00pm oh! :)

Kung Pou Fried Paddy Chicken

Not very spicy although it was kung pou style, the paddy chicken flesh was juicy and solid though.

Fried Teochew Mee Tiao

They did not serve yellow noodle, only teochew mee tiao. Hmm......kinda special, fried in dry version with seafood ingredients. Rachel liked it very much!

Kam Heong Fried Kappa (more......)

Hop over to Teluk Kumbar Seafood Restaurant (公巴好友海鮮) for full view of this post.