Monday, September 06, 2010

Chee Meng Wanton Mee - Delicate & Mini!

I couldn't help myself from hunting for this wanton mee immediately after reading posts detailed by GourmetGarden here (Chinese) and here (English). Also earlier written by CK here.

Coincidentally I was at town therefore I managed to go there 3 times within 2 weeks! :)

Look at the price list. One item caught my attention here!

Pricing List 
S = RM2.50, M = RM2.80, L = RM3.00, Special (加料) = RM3.30
Sui Kao 水饺 = RM0.60 per piece
You Cai 油菜 (S) = RM1.00, (M) = RM2.00
Cheng Tong 清汤 (Clear soup) = RM0.30 per bowl (Hohoho!!!! This must be indicating that the soup is 'valuable' enough to charge customers uh?!)

Small RM2.50 (1 roll of noodles + basic portion of ingredients, 2x wanton)
Seriously after tasting both versions, I prefer the white version more! This version could bring out the genuine flavour of their wanton noodles.
Basically it tasted sweet. I enjoyed eating the noodles at minimal seasoning  and of course with the fragance of roast pork oil.
Their wanton(s) are mini in size. Every ingredient here is mini/little as the key actor lies on the noodles lah!
The taste is somewhat similiar to Sarawak Kolok Mee  BUT then Kolok Mee nowadays mostly come with very heavy lard taste, very oily and not as fragant as this one loh.
Special RM3.30 (1 and 1/2 rolls of noodles+ a little bit more on each ingredient e.g. add 1x extra wanton)
This is also Special (RM3.30) but in BLACK version instead, with dark soya sauce.  (more......)

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