Sunday, April 01, 2007

Autocity makan trip

6x of us went to Autocity III. There were two of us need to chia one fellow and there were some who have never been there before so it's a 2-in-1 session.

Most of them asked," 6x? can fit in one car or not?"
I said," Don't worry, I used U car to fetch you ppl. Make sure buy poe hiam ah."

The main circle's restaurants are mostly available in island, so I recommended to go to the back one.

TAO....hmm.....this one's so damn nice looking from the outside. I mean the interior decoration.We MUST come back one day later when we can afford to eat MORE....:)

The Golden Triangle serving thai vietnamese ?! Its entrance is damn posh! Then followed by the Hongkie, then Roxburry. Out of so many restaurants, we cincai chose one lah.
Roxburry @ Autocity III. The ceiling hall is very tall. Ambience OK. The music turned noisier later at night. There were some youngsters hip hop dancing at its entrance.

Clockwise : drinks, pasta, salad, soup,roxburry chicken / mutton steaks.
Food. soso.Each one spent about RM25.

"Will you recommend theses dishes?"

"Hmm......really no comment lah."

So you got it?!