Sunday, June 24, 2007

Food show @ PISA

Dragon fruit enzyme (naturally extracted & fermented) @ Juru estate. RM40 per bottle.
I asked,"Where to get outside if not at the fair like this one?!"
"At our farm."
"Only at your farm?"
"Yes, at Juru, BM."
Kochabi ice cream (古早味冰淇淋) RM8 per box.
That's the item that attracted me here. I was told by JB on Sat night that the kochabi ice cream I mentioned to them last time was available here.
Kawai kanyu drop (Kawai 无腥味日本肝油丸) 180粒 for RM60. Japanese product. Available at Guardian. Easy for kid's consumption as it tasted like soft-gel candy. 价钱实在是令人咋舌!
Total 盛惠RM108/=
钱会够用吗 ? hmm?!