Sunday, June 03, 2007


Bayu, next to Naza Hotel

Yesterday it's a wrong choice lah to end up there as it's an ideal place for pat thor, not for satisfying your 中餐煮炒的味蕾 :)

Argh! How come so 失策leh? Neh, Initially planned to go for Mt.Eskine western food one lah. Gosh! Who knows after the 阿贤人情味 it's so damn packed now + holiday lagi leh! You got to find and 'jom' the table by yourself as they were too damn busy to take order and did not have the time to even hiew you. We the whole family purposely came down here one leh , aiyoyoh! For me har, bad food + long journey stuck in bad traffic with kids tagged along was terrible~~~~~!

The nyonya cafe which was located at the same place did not seem to be inviting at all loh as it seemed like catering more for tourists than locals. That's why we ended up at Bayu loh.

I did not feel like sharing the food at all loh coz 不堪入目. 完全不是中餐的版本. I shared with you the scenery pics instead OK?! :)

Hehe.....pat thor venue good hor?!