Tuesday, June 19, 2007

See Kong Ooi

See Kong Ooi @ Transfer Road (Near Foong Wei Restaurant).

This is a very 'lao jee hoe' (hokkien) restaurant with not less than 60 yrs of establishment. It is not as lao jee hoe as LOK TAI KU @ Burmah Road (which has been closed ages ago), but you can find the 'similiar' taste that you missed at Lok Tai Ku over here at See Kong Ooi. The best selling point for See Kong Ooi is if you are hungry anytime say 3p.m. or 4p.m or wanna bring your friends or customers anytime in the afternoon when most of the restaurants have closed AND you wanna eat rice with choo char, here is the best choice! Coz it opens all day long till night.

Chap chai thng

Curry fish head (Balak)
That's the curry fish that got the old Lok Tai Ku taste. I love the curry very much! Sour+ sweet+lil spicy = extremely appetizing!

Char kor kua

Steamed meat with salted fish

It serves sort of like our 'home-cook' dishes.

We 4 adults + 1 kid, 7x rice + 4x drinks+ 5x dishes above = RM51 only.

I'll be back, FOR SURE!