Friday, June 15, 2007

Veloo Vilas

Veloo Vilas @ Lebuh Penang (near to OSK).

Today since got iao lur kaki ajak, so I followed 4x of them going down here to eat. I will definitely not know such place if it's not led by our indian collegues. Somemore I am not into spicy food mah.

The 'restaurant' looked 'chan chan tei' but then the food, according to our indian colleagues, is good! Sort of like what we said 'home-cook' style w/o adding MSG. Plain with kam cheng type.

Pic below : 5x of us were waiting for them to serve the chicken curry/fried fish right at this moment. They placed a banana leave in front of you, then they served you the rice, the 3x vege and the 'keropok' one by one. 3x of us requested for fork and spoon.

Pic below (left) : A full dish with 3x vege - green gravy (with vege), kubis, curry 'terung' (they said it's not terung, but one kind of 'kua'),then followed by curry chicken & fried fish.

(right) : wow! got 4x liquids for me! Left to right: sweet corn vermicilli type (like dessert), indian 'tomato'soup (ha!), 'yoghurt' drink (body cooling, I like this one very much! ) and plain water.

FYI the rice + vege are refillable.

It costs us ~RM8 each person. Wow! Very tai hor?!:)