Sunday, June 03, 2007


Ching Huat Stor @ Bagan Lalang

Clockwise : Spring chic, tu boh swui, ang choe hu tao (today no ang sai hu tao leh!), kerabu.

Some ppl just couldn't understand why we could spend time to travel for makan. Is it just for the sake of food?! Come on lah! takkan so damn iao lur meh?!

Our 'family time' is makan time. At home/f, this one comes sending goods, that one comes collecting invoices, so on and so forth. There were just far too many stuffs distracting your concentration e.g. house chores, kids jumping around requesting this and that & etc. If you are at somewhere near home, ppl tend to wait for you loh coz NEAR home mah, expecting you to come back fast loh.

The time spent on the journey / in the car has always been the time for us to bincang the bznes strategies, share the life updates, talk about the bznes trips, talk about how swey / good some clients are and etc. Of coz this doesn't include the 'peak' season when everyone of us also has no sim cheng to go far.

Oh ya, the journey time mentioned above. It's the time for every family member to get updated and shared with the story at the same time. Unlike at home, one might have listened, the rest might not, due to different time frame when one was around. Hey, come on, the makan journey without customers tagging along one wor - just we family alone one leh, with complete members, can eat slow slow take our own sweet time one, not very often got chance you know. *shrugged* Can you understand how kolian is it ah? Yes, of coz during the journey there were some disturbing calls (mian bu liao one) lah but still .......better than being forced to cincai pick one nearest one, eat fast fast then go back entertaining them. Hai mai xin?!