Friday, December 25, 2009

Fukushima Japanese - THEY said beh khi, not me loh!

Fukushima Japanese Restaurant @ Batu Maung

Story telling time again....

This is a newly opened restaurant located opposite the Double Good Hong Kong Style Roasters (好好飯店港式燒臘飯店) .

Free flow of green tea. Good!

Miso soup also OK, good!
The rest didn't seem to be OK. Why?
They ordered 8x Donburi (rice with toppings) and I ordered 1x MENRUI (Noodles) ramen set.
Guess what?! When 8 of them nearly finished their donburi, MINE one the ramen set was still out of sight. I reminded them twice. Before I decided to cancel my order, I saw 'the' waitress carrying a ramen set serving to another table. Later, I approached the kitchen telling them I couldn't afford to wait any longer and I wished to cancel my order.

The lady questioned another waiter," Ei, just now bukan ada satu ramen set hantar pi meh?"(more.....)

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