Thursday, December 03, 2009

Hardwicke House BBQ & Buffet (Deco Part)

HardWicke House B.B.Q & Buffet Restaurant (Invited Review) - Deco Part

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Not in a hotel but an independent restaurant (in Northam Tower) for BBQ and buffet.

Mon to Sat = Lunch buffet @ 18++. Dinner buffet (including BBQ) @ 38++. No ala carte.
Sunday Buffet = Buffet brunch @ 20++. BBQ Dinner buffet @ 38++. Kids eat for free (limited to 2 per family, below 10yrs old only).
Free parking for dinner.
Dec 2009 & Jan 2010 promotion is free flow of non-alcoholic beverages with all buffets. For more details, pls view here.

No fixed menu. Generally the food varieties cover western, chinese, malay, indian and BBQ seafood (based on whatever available from the market on that day). No japanese food ya.

White in style.

This VIP section is suitable for group or family gathering. That's where we were seated.(more.....)

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