Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Terubong Seafood (阿水海鮮茶餐室)

Terubong Seafood @ Paya Terubong (阿水海鮮茶餐室)

Once in a while I will still miss the fishball soup at Terubong Seafood. It's not a cheap dish but worth ordering as it's really a signature dish at this restaurant.

Fishball Soup RM12 . This round I found that the taste was a bit out. It's no longer that peppery like last time but rather mild in taste instead. The wine taste remained though.

Bouncing handmade fish balls.

Fried Kangkung (cheng chao) RM6 . The serving is large. The kangkung was very fresh, very well done. The best dish out of all that we ordered for that night.


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