Thursday, December 10, 2009

Station One Cafe Komtar Walk- No sandwich eh?!

Station One Cafe @ Komtar Walk

Story telling time again!

This is pretty much like OldTown. The Station One menu has very attractive dish photos. Scroll down to see the full list of menu. :)

I heard from Mdy that the sandwich dishes look very yummy but she failed to order as the waiter told her that it's FINISHED. It's weekend when she experienced this.

I saw the croissant being so colourful & yummy look, I 'ticked' one in the order list too. Guess what? I got the same answer. Mind you, this time it's weekday.
AND....I heard the table beside me wishing to order the same and was turned down their order too. I do not know how many sandwich orders do they reject per day?!
I asked," Finished or you ppl do not serve? My friend came last week also takda, I come today also takda." Then he admitted, "Yeah, sorry, we don't serve actually ALL these items under Sandwich page"
Why not putting the "N/A" stickers across the page leh har?! Easy loh. No need so ma fan. *Geram*

I hope that the new outlet opening soon @ Queensbay will serve loh. "Poe pi poe pi, don't disappoint me lah, can ah ?!"

Hot White Coffee (RM2.90+) , Hot Honey (RM3.60+)

Mushroom Soup (RM4.90+) - This brown colour mushroom soup is very thick in taste. Considered above satisfactory level.

Egg Sauce Yee Mee (RM6.90+). Not bad at all! Far far better than the koay teow below.(more.....)

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